how i looked when my mom walked in and saw me online this late.

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Hey, I just started this roleplay today and I'm trying to see how I could improve. It would really help me out if you could do a review for me? Thank you!

Sure, your review should be up monday or tuesday.

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I have one account I need to make and that’d be a wrap!

I’m out of town this weekend. I’m unsure if we’ll have a Business Center with a computer to make that one account, but more than likely I’ll find time to make replies via phone if I am able. :3 

You should get on aim.

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I need about ten more minutes on this review.

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Teenage facecalaim for a quiet, brooding, slightly insane, misguided, prone to anger son of Bellatrix Black?

Ooh, I was expecting a daughter. Even better! I wish you would’ve given me the age. * Are probably the best for your character, based off of previous characters I’ve seen.

  • Logan Lerman
  • Nick Jonas
  • Liam Payne
  • Steven R. McQueen
  • Kevin Zegers **
  • Nathan Kress
  • Skandar Keynes **

Hope I helped. I feel like this one sucked.

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recommended rp #4

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i’ll have gladespring’s review up by 11 cst.

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i’m a terrible person.

i hope my mom has work today, i lost track of time.

got my hair cut & bleached, applied to be coadmin on this lovely rp, and was busy making accounts & being active and such.

forgive me if you asked for a review, but i will do at least one tomorrow.

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best fucking rpg I've ever come across.

yes, join me!

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